You Are A Vessel of Creation.


And when we commit

to the full embodiment of this, 

all life pours in.


 Your Abundance, Sovereign Power, 

& Magnetic Emanation

are opened through the gateway of your voice 

and the tending to your vessel.

We are at a crossroads
as a human family.


We have a choice: 
to listen to the patterns that keep us small 

or to lean in and allow through something much greater.


This is a space to dive into your innate power.


Your remembering. Our awakening.


We are sovereign kin. 




“Wherever you feel both incredible longing
and intense fear

that is where life is calling you.”

I was terrified of singing.

I never thought I'd be a musician.

Growing up, I longed to feel confident in my expression, my voice, to speak, to sing, and to be in front of people, to experience comfort in being seen and heard.


I felt there were things inside of me that wanted to be expressed.


And the songs wanted to come through. 


But I had an irrational fear that I might be tone deaf and no one was telling me. 

I was too afraid of sharing myself and stopped my voice, for many years.


Then, toward the end of college, songs started coming through me. 

And in order to let them live, I had to

sing them.

And one day, while on my first house-concert tour up north, I heard a voice, from the Universe, from Life, from Source: 

“this is what you are here to do. Either you commit to it fully, or you keep playing small.”


I realized: I can stay safe, 

or listen and take a leap.


So I said yes to the call.


And through my committed “yes,” 

everything opened.

You see, it’s not about being a singer,

it’s about using the voice to transform

your self-doubt into creative power

and liberate your most radiant creative expression.

Fear and limiting beliefs are the greatest obstacles to creativity.

But what if fear is the key to your power?

What if the doubt itself contains the precise energy needed to arrive at full expression? 

This is why I’ve created The Living Song Portal.

To guide you in unlocking your brightest expression. 


To guide you in your process of alchemy: Transforming doubt into liberated expression and true voice.

To support you in remembering your power as a creator, your walk and legacy for the next generations.


Your Portal For Creative Vitality
& Empowered Expression

This is a space to nurture you to open to your radiance.

Tune yourself as the instrument,

so you can walk with the clarity of your heart as your true guide, whether you are an artist or simply want to be a strong voice in your community.

Alchemize limiting beliefs
into profound expression

and next-level creativity

Rise into the limitless creator you are

as you learn how to dance like a warrior with your fears, integrating the programs of not enough-ness and self-doubt,
till your fears become your opportunity for expression.

Magnify your potential through a community of creatives and visionaries

This is a space where innovation flourishes. You not only are bolstered and supported to believe more in yourself, and for all that’s possible for us as a collective. Be connected to other individuals like yourself for collaboration, feedback, insight, and inspiration.

Cultivate the practical skills and mindset

to harmonize your relationship to abundance, self-worth, sovereignty, connection with others, and your creative offerings, and to be available for the mission and times we are in.

Ground yourself in the greater context of cosmic alignments, seasonal shifts, and daily practice,

so that you can stay centered and aligned and able to fully show up to this moment on planet earth.


"... Ayla and the Living Song community helped me to change the direction of my life. Ayla’s reframing of voice and fear profoundly shifted blocks within me. Whether you dream of singing or something entirely different, the Living Song stands to support and accelerate the transformation you most deeply desire."

– Sara

"The Living Song completely turned my life around and set me on an incredible journey of embracing and living my creativity… (it) has opened me up to finally believing in and following my true path, wherever and regardless of where it may lead."

– Brighde

Welcome to

Community & Membership Portal

Unlock a growing library of mindset rituals combined with skill development trainings 
taught by international artist Ayla Nereo.

Vocal Trainings 

& Lean-In Challenges

to unlock your voice as a muscle and mode for
life-changing transformation

Creator’s Meditations 

& Rituals

to guide you through energetics of liberated expression and personal grounding and clarity

Monthly LIVE Warrior Hummingbird Sessions with Ayla

A live deep dive with Ayla and the community to delve into life, creativity, and what’s alive for us right now.

Global Creative Community

to amplify your light, get support in your journey, give and receive feedback, and connect with collaborators as a global family, sharing in this adventure of life


inspire your creative projects and receive timely journal prompts that support you in working with planetary influences

“Igniting the Spark” Library

On demand insight and inspiration
pre-recorded by Ayla to listen to
when you need a reset or upgrade.


Take It An Octave Higher...

+ Vessel of Voice

A special track for those who are ready to dive deeper into voice liberation & embodied expression as a path to unlocking personal power and creative potential.

The Living Song Membership Portal

Everything in the Living Song membership – all library content, meditations and rituals, practices, prompts, cosmic updates, and Warrior Hummingbird live sessions

Vessel of Voice 

(VoV) Activations

Pre-recorded & live voice activations facilitated by Ayla to unblock expression and tune yourself as a vessel for sound and creation.


Receive VIP Access to Masterclasses

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Select access and discounts to masterclasses with Ayla & expert guests.

Upcoming masterclasses, such as Inside the Song, Human Design & The Voice, Looping 101, Performance Energetics,and Taking Your Voice Pro.

Private VoV Community Space

For VoV members to share and connect and receive exclusive VoV content, invitations, and prompts.


“What struck me most was the potency of Ayla’s transmission. I felt in some moments as if I was in Satsang… Feeling the love, power, truth and clarity of what Ayla was sharing went straight through all my layers.”

– Lua

“Learning how to approach this magical journey with her guidance has helped me go beyond my edges… I know and love my being and talents more. Becoming a member of [this] community is beyond worth it.”

– Arlene

A Peek Into the Portal


Choose Your Path


Your growing creative vitality portal for Aliveness

 Access to a growing content library within The Living Song Portal 

 LIVE Warrior Hummingbird sessions with Ayla

 Vocal trainings 


 Igniting the Spark talks and audios from Ayla

 Cosmic Updates & Insights

 Creative Community



A deeper dive into voice liberation with Ayla Nereo

 Access to a growing content library within The Living Song Portal 

 LIVE Warrior Hummingbird sessions with Ayla

 Vocal trainings 


 Igniting the Spark talks and audios from Ayla

 Cosmic Updates & Insights

 Creative Community


 LIVE Signature VoV vocal liberation group singing practices with Ayla (and exclusive voice community)

 Select access and discounts to paid Masterclasses (annual membership)

 Discount code provided for Chrysalis: Mastermind & Mentorship (annual membership)


This experience is for you if...


✓ You know there is more to this life and you are ready to wake up inside the dream. And you know it only happens when we all do it together. So we choose to. And we get to.
 You want to strengthen your intuitive channel and deepen your alignment so you can be available to the highest expression of what you are here on this planet to do, be, and create. 
 You know you have powerful creative expression within you, and you are ready to lean in fully, past creative blocks, past the doubt and fear, and see what is ready to come through you, whether you’re an artist or not.
 You want a place to go that uplifts you, aligning you to abundance, creative vitality, and powerful aliveness, so that your every day can be a wondrous and inspired process of growth, expansion, and expression.
 You can feel the tides of change happening, and you want to stay clear and grounded with strong personal practices, so that you can be available to your mission, your family, and the greater global community.
 You would love to be surrounded by a creative community who uplift and inspire you to be your best self, to sing together, to collaborate, to be received and connected to others on this path of awakening to our potential as humans.

Testimonial Videos 





$55 $33 / Mo

(3 month minimum)

 Access to a growing content library in The Living Song Portal 

 LIVE Warrior Hummingbird sessions with Ayla

 Vocal trainings 


 Igniting the Spark talks and audios from Ayla

 Cosmic Updates & Insights

 Creative Community



$46 $27.75 / Mo

(Billed at $333 Yearly)

A full year container with Ayla and a global community, to support your most empowered creativity and aliveness, and your walk as a warrior and lighthouse in these times.

 2 months free (savings of $63)

 Full Living Song Portal

 Discount code provided for Chrysalis: Mastermind & Mentorship  





An added layer of support for those who desire 

to dive into voice liberation and embodied expression with Ayla Nereo.


$88 $55 / Mo

(Billed monthly | 3 month minimum)

 Access to a growing content library within The Living Song Portal 

 LIVE Warrior Hummingbird sessions with Ayla

 Vocal trainings 


 Igniting the Spark talks and audios from Ayla

 Cosmic Updates & Insights

 Creative Community


 Live Vessel of Voice vocal liberation group singing practices with Ayla 

 Select access and discounts to paid Masterclasses



$73 $45.83 / Mo

(Billed at $550 Yearly)

 2 months free (savings of $110)

 Live group Vessel of Voice vocal liberation singing practices with Ayla 

✓ Community thread for VoV

 Select access and discounts to paid Masterclasses

INCLUDED: Full Living Song Portal

 Discount code provided for Chrysalis:
Mastermind & Mentorship


Learning how to approach this magical journey with [Ayla’s] guidance has help me go beyond my edges. Becoming a member of our little community is beyond worth it.

– Arlene

I was awe struck that we can actually implement this in our lives… It's made me feel much freer.. Ayla's work is a bright beacon that guides us back to ourselves.

– Marta

Creative Sovereignty
Is An Inner-Outer Journey... 

 will support you with both...

Inner Work

 shifting energy patterns
 new pathways 
 connection to time and space

Outer Work

 skill development tools
 daily personal practice 
 community support
 creative environment 

This journey is created for us all..
When you fully lean in and commit to

after 3 months you can expect….

A deeper relationship with your voice and creative channel that feels open, clear and more receptive to creativity and song coming through. You’ll be in profound attunement with yourself and the collective, in touch with your personal potential, with a willingness to lean into creative edges and aliveness.

after 12 months you can expect…

A deeply empowered voice, with a newfound sense for being a powerful creator and visionary on this planet. You’ll know yourself as a channel that’s clear, open, and most importantly —  in full trust of what comes through. You’ll connect to your intuition and inner compass and allow for the greatest potential of life unfolding, profound synchronicities leading you to new pathways, possibilities, and experiences.



Strengthen Inner Listening to Inner Guidance, Muse, and Source


Deepen your relationship with your individual creative system through daily practices


Anchor yourself within the greater planetary and cosmic influences


Understand and care for your physical vessel as an instrument through physical wellness


Build the muscle of dancing with your own fear and obstacle 


Connect to purpose and service to the world and make offerings that give back to LIFE


Ayla Nereo is an internationally recognized musician and multi-disciplinary artist. She has composed seven solo albums and has collaborated with major figures in electronic and folk music. Her intimate journey from intense fear and self-doubt to boundless expression as an artist have lent her essential insights to be able to support others in their unique journeys of self expression and creative vitality. Ayla has guided thousands of individuals in voice opening and connection and continues to light the path of self expression and sovereignty with clarity and compassion. Ayla's profound connection to art, humanity, and nature places her at the forefront of visionary leadership, as she devotes herself to supporting the transformations we individually and collectively need on our planet at this time.


Ayla’s Letter & Intro

It is my prayer for you to come into deep relationship with the many aspects of yourself. To awaken to your innate power as a creator, to tap into your courageous heart —  alive and leading, liberated from fear and separation.

What I see for this community is a thriving, global pulse of artistry, of innovation, community rebuilding and planet repair. 

We are creators of infinite possibility and beauty, a human family remembering we are not separate, always and forever connected in the web of existence.

We are leaders of the next generations.

Step forth.

Alchemize limiting beliefs into profound expression
and next-level creativity 


Cultivate the practical skills and mindset required to craft 

authentic and meaningful offerings in service to the world